Engaging with JI means developing longer-term relationships.

Using the brand name MYCGRC, JI also offers support services, namely ISO Support, ISO Clinic, ISO Online Helpdesk, and OoiSTER* for organisations looking to implement or have already implemented quality, information security systems according to the international standards.

The ISO Clinic is free by appointment every Friday 9:30 to 10:30am. MYCGRC opens up another channel for people to get this free service, via the ISO Online Helpdesk.

For a more structured engagement, MYCGRC offers ISO Support service for the organisations’ successful journey in maintaining a culture in Quality, Information Security or Business Continuity Management.

Clients may communicate through emails for solutions in dealing with management systems issues. Alternatively, MYCGRC also provides on-site discussions with the management in meddling ISO related issues. MYCGRC could also attend to the officer in charge within certain regular interval to have health check on the condition of the ISO management systems implementations.

MYCGRC embraces visual communication in selling the do’s and don’ts of ISO management systems assimilated subconsciously to the organisation. These are among the unique approaches offered by JI through MYCGRC for the organisations’ management system culture sustenance.

OoiSTER*27001 is a managed security acculturation platform. It is a service to manage the ISO/IEC 27001 information security culture. In moving the formal security culture to maturity, a continuous effort in keeping people aware and subscribe to the security culture is necessary. But more times than not, organisation hardly allocates dedicated resources to do this due to lack of understanding or financial limitations.

MYCGRC provides this unique service so that the organisation’s security acculturation is automatic and seamless. MYCGRC can help manage the security info-blast and shout-out. MYCGRC makes learning interactive at people convenient and more fun through gamifications of learning and instruction.