Who We Are

Jalinan transpires from the word interweaved and Ilmu originated from the word knowledge. Jalinan Ilmu founded on the base of multidisiplinary of business disciplines that utilises common platform of management system standards i.e. International Standardisation for Organisations commonly known as ISO as a catalyst to formal working culture in propagating organizational growth. Business disciplines are assimilated together into ISO framework for sustainable operation.

Jalinan Ilmu Sdn Bhd (1096147-K) is a private limited company, registered under Company’s Act undertaken by Registrar of Companies, Malaysia.

The team are aspirated to promote organizational sustenance through the adoption of ISO management system standards banking on vast experience in 3rd party auditing, management system training & motivation; and consulting.

Key approach of Jalinan Ilmu are through the adoption of right governance in managing formal working culture; instilling risk management as the embodiment of work flow; and continued compliance as the basis to continually improve.

At Jalinan Ilmu, we strongly believed that you are the internal expert. Hence, we act as the enabler and course-correction for your organizations’ goals attainment. Apart from the key services above, the enablement will be achieved through our Toolkit on processes & documents template; awareness and motivation posters; automated management system tools such as risk manager, audit manager and management systems dashboard.

We specialise in Quality Management ISO 9001:2015; Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001:2013; IT Service Management ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011, Business Continuity Management ISO 22301:2012 and People Certification ISO 17024:2012.

ISO Consultation & Advisory

Our team has highly qualified personnel with more than 18 years of industry experience and has exposed to more than 500 organizations that adopting and certified to internationally recognized management systems. Our personnel are the appointed expert in establishing ISMS, ITSM and People Certification Scheme and appointed ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, and ISO 22301 lead auditors for certification bodies

We believe in giving value and professional service to our customers by adopting suitable localized approach. With our team, ISO certification is a guaranteed service

We are able to implement according to respective industry needs. This is due to our vast exposure in 3rd party certification and internal auditing locally and internationally.

Our additional strength is by truly understand and able to correctly interpret the intent of the respective standard banking on our 3rd party auditing qualification and experience.

ISO Training and Motivation

Managing PEOPLE is one of the key, in keeping an ISO formal culture. It is a requirement in any ISO management systems that continuous training and education is necessary. Without competent and ‘stay aware’ PEOPLE, a formal culture of a management system is futile.

Moving the people to subscribe into the established management system culture is another matter to consider.

We offer ISO-related trainings, as well as awareness and motivation posters for people to be aware and subconsciously subscribe to the ISO formal culture.

ISO Sustenance Program

The continuous inculcation of ISO management systems requires persistence and creativity in making the working community subscribe to the management system culture. We provide ISO Sustenance Program for your successful journey in maintaining your culture in Quality, IT Service, Information Security or Business Continuity Management via our existing contents and enabler; or tailor to your needs.

You may email to us for solutions in dealing with management systems issues. Or you may want us to have on-site discussion with your management in meddling ISO related issues. We could also attend to you within certain regular interval to have a health check on the condition of your ISO management systems implementations.

What’s more, we embrace visual communication in selling the do’s and don’ts of ISO management systems assimilate sub-consciously to the organization. These, are among our unique approach for your management system culture sustenance.

Contact us on how to subscribe to ISO Sustenance Program.

ISO Auditing

ISO auditing is one of our niche services banking on our vast exposure in 3rd party certification and internal auditing locally and internationally.

Assessment against quality, security (including IT Enterprise Security Assessment) and business continuity are comfortably executed by the team against ISO standards requirement and best practices as the assessment criteria.

The team adopt ISO 19011 as the audit approach and best practice methodology for IT vulnerability and penetration testing for its conducts.


Do it yourself! You are the focal point in your organization for ISO related matters but you are short of hands and idea on the go-about of tackling the problem or potential improvement.

We offer ISO toolkit consisting of templates of manual, policies, procedures, and forms; training slides, interactive learning tools and ISO games for you to download.